was set up in 2009 to "to promote and encourage within the United Kingdom the formation and development of Community Energy Societies." In 2013 DECC funded us to develop Energy Smart Clubs, Collective Energy Switches & Energy Saving awareness work in Schools.

With the demise of the Feed in Tariff (FIT) in 2016 we are working with commercial and social enterprises to develop local renewable generation, energy saving, distribution and storage projects that address both carbon and cost saving.

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Local Energy Grids

Imagine if you could buy electricity from your local hydro, wind or solar farm, much cheaper than buying it from the Grid. What if they got more per kWh for selling it to you rather than the Grid? That's a win-win situation, and Energy Local have a trial project happening now in Bethesda. We're planning to be next in Halton, setting up a Bencom to connect Halton Lune Hydro with local consumers.

Low Carbon Gas Boilers

We're working with Acrobat Carbon Services to offer new gas boilers paid for from the savings you make on your gas bill. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on our progress.

Solar PV and Batteries

Prices of home battery storage are dropping rapidly, making it possible soon to install solar PV and batteries and pay for them from the annual savings made. This requires smart local networks to enable consumers to sell their excess electricity to their neighbours and to the grid at peak times.